V178.3.6 Map Format Changes

To optimise memory usage on the server I’ve reduced the amount of blocks available to use from 256 down to 64.

The new block index format is:

Invincible: 1
Invisible: 2
Glass: 3
Floating: 4
Explosive: 5
Magma: 6
Reserved: 7
Reserved: 8
Player blocks: 9
Reserved custom player block textures: 10-16
Normal: 17-63
Invincible in Arena: 57-63

Particles when breaking blocks are now coloured from the texture rather than the Magicavoxel colour.
The most predominant colour in the texture is used for the minimap.
Light colours are still controlled by the Magicavoxel colour.

This patch will also support the 0.99.6 Magicavoxel .VOX format.