Ultimate Guide to Building

This guide is for those that are new to this game, or anyone that wants ideas on using the environment to their advantage. Building is one of them! Remember that your playstyle are unique when compared with others, so take this guide under advisment, not a requirement.

Intro to the Basics
There are four parts to understand before becoming the master builder.


  • Presets
    You are able to take advantage of quick building by using presets, which allows you to build quickly. To set up the presets, do this in the ship.
  • Type of Structure
    The most popular options are ladders, traps, bunkers, sky platforms, bridges, or several presets combined to create large structures), or even to simply patch holes.
  • Cooldown
    Each preset requires a certain elapsed time to pass before continuing building more. Build wisely to avoid dying or losing a large part of your platform or bridge.
  • Efficient Building
    If you want to be able to build platforms or structures, you need to design it so it’s more difficult to take down. You are able to use anchor points and complex skeleton system, while avoiding using more blocks as necessary. Bulk block building is not always better, so spread the blocks out whenever possible.

Loadouts - https://sectorsedge.com/png/loadouts.png

  • Modification
    Building Mod - This is what makes your blocks twice as strong. Strongly recommended if you plan to build at all.
  • Pure Building
    If you plan to build large number of structures, it is recommended to go with zero weapons and only pick the building mod. Be sure to have a spotter or plenty of cover as you build.
  • Salvage
    Coming soon.
  • Breakthrough
    Coming soon.
  • CTF
    Coming soon.