This GPU may not be compatible with the game

What am I supposed to do? I downloaded the game, but at the time of opening says that my GPU is not compatible with the game, has any solution? I believe this may have happened to several people I searched on YouTube but there was no video talking about the error.***

Have you tried updating GPU drivers yet?

Also just to be sure, what GPU are we talking about?

Dude, the same thing happens to me, it gives me error [OpenGL 2 error] or something, I don’t know how to fix it, I have Windows 10 64 bits, and because I have low resources, an Intel HD Graphics video card, I hope someone will help us fix it, and then, if you already did, could you help me? please and thank you.

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@FrozenHead can you please let me know what exact Intel HD GPU you have? I’ll look up the minimum OpenGL version it can run

I’m having the same problem, I can’t open the game and notify me error opengl, I’ve updated all the drivers and my windows, my GPU is Intel ® HD Graphics

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@Yuri_Martins can you let me know what exact version of Intel HD Graphics you have? I’ll check what it’s minimum supported OpenGL version is and see if there’s anything I can do.

Tengo una intel g41 express chipset y me sale lo mismo ¿no cumple requisitos?

I have Intel HD graphics 3000, i3-2328m. The OpenGl version is compatible?

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intel hd graphics 3000

The same thing happens to me too, I have a Intel HD 3000 and 4GB of RAM and an i3 2370m and I get that same error :frowning:

@NivalisYT can you please attach your log files to this post? I’ll have a look at the exact error and see what’s not compatible.

Instructions for log files are at

v1.3.6 was released recently which lowers the requirements of the game. Please let me know if you’re still having issues running the game

I get that error and I already update the game but it keeps appearing … what is the problem?


Can you please send your log files here? That way I can look at the exact error.

Instructions for finding log files are at

Wait!! I have an intel hd 500 and somehow it can run

I am too having the same error, my GPU is intel XMA 4500 my log files,02-06-2021-1323-5.txt (148 Bytes) 5-16-2021-2235.txt (30 Bytes) 02-06-2021-1318-2.txt (148 Bytes)

the other two filesgamelauncher.log (5.4 KB)
loader.log (7.5 KB)

Thank you for the log files! Looks like I changed something but didn’t quite implement it properly. When v1.3.6a is released, can you please re-send your log files here?

Can you please let me know what version of Windows you’re running, and if you’re up to date with Windows updates and Intel GPU Driver updates? The game requires OpenGL 3.3 to run.

i got a fix for it, its just a dll file for opengl, but easy anti cheat is not allowing the is saying that an untrusted file is OS windows 8.1 pro and am up to date with the drivers

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