The LMG needs to be reconsidered

that’s the recoil for all auto weapons, or at least the last documented change. Basically, all the hitscan autos are the same.

That’s the stats of all 3 hitscan auto primaries. The LMG basically averages out the SMG and AR in terms of fire speed and it has 0.5 less damage per shot. However, it has around 3x the mag size of the other 2 and 3x the reload time.

Because it’s rpm is higher it out-damages the AR at pretty much all range. Additionally, it has 11 more blocks of max damage than the SMG and 65 more blocks of total range, which means that after 21 blocks the LMG will outdamage the SMG in nearly all situations

If we take kill potential to be rpm * bodyshot damage, then the SMG sits at 10,740 while the LMG sits at 9,200. That means that at the SMG’s best distance, the LMG has 85% the kill potential of it, and shortly after the LMG has the best kill potential of any hitscan auto.

Now. The LMG has 2 main downsides. It has high recoil on sustained firing, and it has a long reload. The issue with that is that both of these issues are totally negligible because it’s kill potential is so high that you can totally avoid these by firing in small bursts.

Which means that the LMG, in conclusion, is the second strongest hitscan auto in the game below 23 blocks, becomes the strongest semi-auto after that, has no significant downside that limits the gun in a gunfight and has recoil comparable to the SMG and AR as long as you don’t fire too long.

I’m all for strong weapons - that makes for fast-paced action and that’s fun. However, the AR’s nerf has made the LMG king of all easy-to-use easy-to-kill weapons, and it’s simply unfun to use and unfun to play against. It sincerely needs to be nerfed in some capacity for the livelihood of the game. I’m not alone in this view either, and many other high level players also feel that the LMG needs a change.

ps: I suspect the recoil chart is not accurate - the LMG feels very different in-game than what is shown
on the chart. I know I’m not the only one with this opinion, but I cannot find any concrete proof to say otherwise. I went and tested this, and it does seem that the LMG has less recoil than the SMG for the first few shots, so I suspect the chart is indeed inaccurate.

Suggestions for fixes:
Here’s how the LMG could be fixed.

  • Reduce player damage, increase block damage. Turns the LMG from a shredding machine into a powerful utility tool
  • Reduce player damage significantly but drastically increase it’s range. This would make it a viable way of fighting snipers consistely, filling a much-needed niche.
  • Significantly reduce firerate. This would bring the LMG into a position similar to LMGs in most other games - a consistent suppression tool, rather than a frag weapon.

Obviously, with a new AR set to enter the scene soon there may be a reason why the LMG has been left untouched. However, as it stands the LMG is an issue.

i liked the ar better.

I agree that LMG is a little op, but I think the idea of charge time, like the combat shotgun, might be cool to test out on the LMG. It would stop the LMG to be so much of a run and gun weapon, and it would give AR a better chance in unexpected mid-range gun fights. LMG would still win if he was holding that point beforehand. I’d expect LMG not to be as quick to aim as AR would be.