THE BOFAQ (Big Ol' Frequently Asked Questions)

A central place for all frequently asked questions.
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Q: How can I convert my mouse sensitivity from [INSERT GAME] ?

A: We’re reviewing what our calculations are and will make it public as soon as we can. For now, you’ll need to approximate!


A: Go to #rules-and-roles on Discord and click the reaction to get notified when our key-dropping events start! Some will be giveaways in Discord, some will be Nightbot giveaways while the streams are live. The latter, we advertise a keyword at a certain point in the stream and those who enter it become eligible - we then use Nightbot to pick winners. Winners of Discord giveaways will be contacted through Discord, winners of Twitch stream giveaways shall be whispered to on Twitch. The schedule for our streams is outlined in #latest-schedule Also worth wishlisting the game on Steam -

Q: I’ve got a key, how do I redeem it?

A: Go to Steam’s top left menu -> Games -> Activate a product on Steam. Enjoy!

Q: Will the game be free to play?

A: Yes. We do have a form of currency, called protons, which can be used to purchase cosmetic items. protons can be bought using real-world money, but are also earned through playing the game.

Q: When will the game be released?

A: Current target is late July

Q: Can you B-hop?

A: No.

Q: Where are servers hosted?

A: Amsterdam, Netherlands Chicago, United States London, United Kingdom Singapore Sydney, Australia Tokyo, Japan

Q: What engine is the game made in?

A: Our own! Sector’s Edge is made in a custom C#/OpenGL engine made by Vercidium. You can find some information about it here:

Q: Will this game run on my PC?

A: Most likely. Vercidium has done a great job at optimizing the game on older hardware. Almost every graphical feature can be turned down/off

Q: Is there anti-cheat?

A: Wouldn’t you like to know, weather boy? yes there is, and we’re adding to it all the time

Q: Can you rocket jump in this game?

A: Yes, yes you can. :smiley:

Q: Will there be jetpacks in this game?

A: Ask Vercidium to find out! :smiley:

Q: Are there any movement inaccuracies or spray patterns?

A: Nope and Nope, Recoil is a constant straight up with little horizontal randomness and every shot will go to where your crosshair is pointing (when scoping). :smiley:

Q: How can I convert my sensitivity from other games?


Sensitivity = sqrt(6.28318530718 / (0.003 * D * (I * scopeMultiplier)))
D = DPI of your mouse
I = how many inches you want to move your mouse to do a full 360

Get Inches from
Input FOV, and sens, as well as DPI to get inches.

Scope Multipliers:
Look: 1x
Irons: 1.15x
2x: 1.25X
4x: 2X

Alternatively, you can tick "sensitivity multipliers" option and use the following regardless of hipfire sens:
Irons: 0.86956521739
2x: 0.8
4x: 0.5