Stuck on LOADING AUDIO screen when start the game


I cannot start the game because it stuck on loading audio screen but the picture with tips will still changing.

Suggested priority


Server & Time

Which in-game server it happened on, what date/time (in GMT, 24hr clock).

Steps to reproduce

(include images/video where appropriate)

  1. open the game
  2. stuck at this picture

Log file(s)

3-11-2020-2236.txt (1023 Bytes)

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Sorry for the late reply, this have been fixed now :slight_smile:

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im stuck on the loading screen with the tips

Sorry for telling this but I am facing this same problem still now (04-05-2021) The game is only show a TIPS. After loading it is only black screen with Endless Sound. Please fix it.

I have Intel Celeron N3350
Intel HD 500
4GB Ram

04-05-2021-1236AM.txt (1.4 MB)

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Found the issue! Thank you for your log file, this should be fixed in v1.3.6 Patch 3

2021-6-25-δΈ‹εˆ0822.txt (2.1 KB) same problem

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