Stealth Mod Balancing


So the stealth mod currently reduces your noise by 60% and reduces movement speed by 3%.

The mod also costs 3 points, which implies that it would be equal to shielding.


However, 60% footstep noise is enough when you walk or crouch but people can still hear you sprint. This is good and makes sense however it doesn’t justify the mod’s cost, especially with the movement loss as well.


My proposition is that the footstep noise is increased, while the Midi and Thermator noise is decreased. (footstep louder, building quieter). This is because digging is still quite loud even with 60% reduction.
I have several ideas for a more balanced stealth mod:
(Listed in order of what I think would be good)


  • -50% Footstep Volume
  • -100% Midi and Thermator Volume
  • -10% Movement Speed


  • -60% Footstep Volume
  • -90% Midi and Thermator Volume
  • -5% Movement Speed


  • 2 Cost
  • -70% Footstep, Midi and Thermator volume
  • -15% Movement Speed


These are just my ideas to make the stealth mod viable as an option. They are based on the current pros and cons of the shield mod.
Let me know what you think on the topic!


nobody uses stealth mod


losing 3% speed (and 3 points (and wasting a perk slot)) is huge compared to quieter footsteps
people often arent unaware of people running around them anyway (“wtf are you running stealth” - a lot of people after i knife them)
its hard to feel the effect of the perk if you use it anyway since you cant hear own steps
you CAN feel -3% speed


remove speed penalty
+ any of the following
reduced midi/thermator volume
being able to change color of placed block
thermator removes particles from destroyed blocks
reduced particles from taking damage


eat a*s smoke grass sled fast
im never going to pick stealth as long as i can pick speed instead

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+1 for dolpenguins #2


+1 for gen, or just change the cost to 2 points.

+1 for Dolpenguin’s Option 3

and you could make the thermator not shoot out a big red LOOK AT ME laser

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Ok this is a decent idea overall but one thing is completely wrong:
-15% movement speed? For stealth? The idea of stealth is to be able to play aggressively. That’s why losing speed for a stealth mod is a bad idea. But 15%? That’s insane!

You’re never going to pick stealth as long as you can pick speed instead? Oh wow ok. But speed takes off 10hp tho ^^

the idea of stealth is not to be aggressive, the idea of stealth is to prevent enemies gaining intel on your position through sound. Ofc stealth is for people who are near enemies not snipers on CF roof, but generally being stealthy makes you slower as a tradeoff for being quieter. e.g walking is quieter then sprinting.