Spectator mode does not show reload animations or accurately reflect player ammo on the HUD


When spectating a match, players don’t appear to do any of the proper reload animations, and the ammo display on the HUD does not change from starting capacity. However, the reserve ammo and block count does appear to update when the player picks up an ammo token (see 1:03 in the attached video.)

Additionally, the match end screen for the spectator appears a bit unpolished. A “Victory” status is declared, despite the player not being on any one team. A single Career item is shown in the box towards the bottom of the “Summary” tab, despite there being no progress made. The “Match Summary” statistics all display as zeroes.

Note to any mods/devs reading this: if you’ve noticed my other posts within the past hour, I’m just dropping a few posts for minor bugs that I haven’t noticed any discussion/posts about.

Suggested priority


Server & Time

Community-Night - 08/02/2021 at 6:18 GMT (Please note that I joined the game as it was in progress)
I have seen this issue regularly on other servers.

Steps to reproduce

This attached video demonstrates both the spectator issue (0:00 - 1:48) and the end screen (1:48 onward.)

Log file(s)

2-8-2021-111AM.txt (2.1 KB)