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Video games. Post video games that are good.



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trove is a really fun voxel MMORPG and the combat is really fun and relaxing

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their servers are laggy cancer, its super super grindy and pay to win which is a huge turn off for a lot of people

you want a good game try out celeste, hollow knight, tomb raider, enter the gungeon and terraria/minecraft

alot of the lag is fixed with the latest big update which stopped people from all doing shadow towers at the same time and generating new instances each time, its not that grindy IMO you get new mounts and stuff very easily compared to most MMORPGs (even dragons). Paying does not give a huge advantage just some more mounts which dont give effect just new looks and you do not need a subscription. You can also buy the premium currency called credits in the way of credit pouches from other players.

the best game ever imo next to minecraft

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I’m just gonna keep playing WoW