Some Weapon Skin Customisation Bugs


I am not sure if those will be fixed with new weapon customisation UI but here they are:

1- I entered a value which is “#FF7A00” and highlight colour changed to something other than what it is supposed to look like after i changed it to what it’s supposed to look like manually in clip. Shortly highlight colour changed to something which isn’t the value i entered(in clip i tested it with “Hot Metal” skin, i am not sure if it’s only happening with this skin)

2- Colour values are not updating while changing from weapon with x skin to another weapon with same skin, for better explanation just watch the clip. In the clip Railgun’s colour value is “7F7F7F”(after i chage it) and when i change to SMG, colour value staying same while SMG’s colour is different than “7F7F7F”

3- Copying a colour value from a weapon with x skin and pasting it to a another weapon with x skin is broken with some values like “806C5A” in the clip.

I think same problem is causing these 3 bugs, that’s the reason why i reported them in 1 post.

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Steps to reproduce

First ones clip:

Second ones clip:

Third ones clip:

Log file(s)

21.06.2021-1222.txt (2.0 KB) 21.06.2021-1256.txt (1.6 KB) 22.06.2021-2209.txt (2.0 KB)

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This was a tricky one! Since Hot and Cold metal have hue constraints, their RGB colours were difficult to copy across to other skins with hue constraints.

This will be fixed in v1.3.6b

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