Information about the ship.

The ship is where players can go to customize their building presets, improve their aim, and improve their parkour skills.

The different areas in the ship are as follows:
1: The structure zone
Here players can customize their building presets by placing blocks on the 9 5x5 areas marked by numbers on the ground. the buildings built on those 9 areas will be saved and can be switched to in the construction tool.

2: The practice range
Here players can pick up all of the available weapons to test and improve their aim by shooting at the 3 targets. The targets are as follows: one moving target on the left side which moves from left to right. one target which hangs still in place in the middle, and one target on the right side which simultaneously moves up and down and from left to right. On the right of the start of the practice range there is a button that resets the shooting range which can be activated by pressing F while looking at it at close range.

  1. The parkour zone
    In this area players can improve their parkour skills by jumping from block to block. The jumps will get progressively harder as the distance between the blocks increases.
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