Sentry turret idea

Equipment idea: Sentry Turret. A small deployable turret that has 25% of a player’s health and regenerates health if it hasn’t taken damage, occupies 2 blocks vertically and is basically a smart stationary assault rifle with the accuracy of a player that is not aiming down sights. Also it’s accuracy is affected by distance as well, the closer the enemy player is to the turret the more the accurate it’s shots become. It should also have a range of about 40 blocks. And to mention that only 1 turret can exist per player at a time, what I mean is that if a player deploys the turret and dies they will be able to place another turret upon respawning, however if the new turret is placed by the player the old one will detonate with a blast radius of 1.5 blocks destroying the terrain and damaging the players within the radius. Finally if the turret is destroyed by any means, it will always make the mentioned blast.