Sensitivity conversion (finding your sensitivity)

Credit to Menshir and Shporks.

These are ways to find your sensitivity or putting it another game.
Note: these methods will work in other games, but the formulas will need a change according to the game.

From mouse:

Sensitivity = 6.28318530718 / (0.001 * D * I * scopeMultiplier * fovMultiplier)

D = DPI of your mouse
I = how many inches you want to move your mouse to do a full 360 in hipfire
FovMultiplier = previous game VFOV / sector's edge FOV

First, you want to get Inches from
Input FOV, and sens, as well as DPI used in a previous game to get inches.
Please also get your VFOV from said game (displayed in the “actual VFOV” line of the “calculations” tab on the site; this wont necessarily be the same value as the fov slider/console fov from your previous game : for csgo, this is 74 instead of the 90 in “console fov” for instance)
You then want to calculate your “zoom multiplier” as indicated above, and then calculate the sensitivity for hipfire, and then for scopes (by changing ONLY the scope multiplier in the formula, not the other values).

Scope Multipliers:
Look: 1
Irons: 1.15
2x: 2
4x: 4

You can paste the formula directly into google with the swapped variables to get a copy/pastable result. Please note the game is sometimes wonky with the “.” and “,” characters depending on your OS language, so you might need to change the dot to a comma or vice versa.

alternatively, you can tick the “sensitivity multiplies” option and use the following numbers for each scope, which means you only have to set your hipfire (look) sensitivity with the formula above :
irons: 0.86956521739
2x: 0.5
4x: 0.25

From other games:

New sens = Old sens * (Game’s yaw / 0.003)
Sector’s sens = New sens / (Old Fov / Sector’s Fov)


New sens = 1.5 * (0.022 / 0.003) = 7.333
Sector’s sens = 7.333 / (100 / 105) = 0.95

Note: 0.003 is Sector’s Edge yaw. if you want to use this formula you need to change it to the yaw of that game.