SELECT STRUCTURE - TOGGLE should swap the active prefab earlier

the way it works right now is if you have a gun out and press the key (call it Z) gun starts to holster and after that midi starts to unholster
if you press Z again during the unholster animation it will change the active prefab before even seeing the prefab ghost
however if you press Z during gun being unholstered its ignored
and that often causes me to place a wrong prefab ):

pressing Z again should swap the prefab even during the holstering animation

alternative bonus idea:
a small number on hud to show which prefab is active (using the numbers of prefab placing spots)


Good pickup, will be done in v178.3.1 :slight_smile:

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i just remembered i made this thread

  • Fixed selected structure index changing before the weapon has been fully unholstered if you press the Equip Structure key multiple times

can this be changed into what i suggested instead

this made it so that you have to wait until you can see the prefab ghost to select which prefab you want to place which is SLOWER than how it used to before 178.3.1

the point of adding the “currently selected prefab” number was to be able to select the correct prefab even when you do not see the ghost (so during the weapon holstering/midi unholstering animation)

so yes please add being able to switch during those two animations or at least during the midi unholstering animation (so like it used to be)

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v178.3.6 - Pressing the Toggle Structure keybind multiple times will toggle the currently selected structure regardless of what tool is being holstered / unholstered

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