Salvage Rework?

This is gonna be quite short but my point still stands.

Salvage could do with a round system.
The reasoning for this is the issue of spawn camping on maps such as AD.
Pre-round there is a 10 - 15 second delay where you can change your loadout.
You spawn in knowing where the point is and you only have one life.
This solves a lot of problems because it doesn’t allow spawn camping and risks your life in the round for playing risky.
It’ll create a focus for the objective as you can either win by objective or killing the entire opposing team. And you don’t want the other team to win for no kills and one person on the point.

The main issue with this concept is how long should the canister be held by a team for for them to win? I’d say 10 - 20 seconds with the timer not going down for one team if there is the same amount of players on the point.

It’ll increase teamwork and help with the issues the mode currently faces.

It’s a concept but I think it’s a strong idea.

I would be down for that with smaller maps (between salvage and arena) with a max of 5 players. Would give the canister 30s of control to win. (or timer end with most points)

i think the map we currently have are fine, it is a bit like spire and static into salvage with more players.