RR nerf/rework

My opinions of a rocket rifle rework are as follows. I am not looking for argument, do not @ me in response. It is objective that RR is more powerful than the weapons around it.

The first solution is a rework-nerf of RR. The weapon is a flagship of the game for rocket jumping purposes, yes? I don’t think that this could really change (unless the weapon was removed).
-Change direct damage to 45
-Increase kinetic knockback by 10%
-decrease proj speed to 120 BPS
-increase recoil by 25-40%

The next solution is to promote accuracy, however, it seems like it’d be a bit broken for people who can aim (cough jaredsbetter cough)
-decrease proj speed to 120BPS
-decrease splash damage to 2 tiles radius
-increase recoil by 35-50%

The third solution i could see is mostly what comes down to this: this weapon is not designed for the gameplay style of Sector’s Edge, and therefore should be removed from the game, to then be replaced by the Rocket Pistol later down the line.