Rocket rifle rebalance

pretty much all hitscan weapons were nerfed in build v178.5.2.4 but one weapon that has not been looked at is the rocket rifle and I thinks its time for it to be. The only change I remember it having was the projectile speed buff and this was a while back. I feel that even if the weapon has a slower ttk than most weapons its still needs to be changed to make it fit in with the other weapons. I will outline my idea here:

range: the rocket rifle at the moment has no damage drop-off and although it is a projectile its aoe and ability to destroy most walls in 1 or two hits makes it useful at range. I think that the projectile speed should be slowed by about 5-10% and keep the direct damage the same but make the aoe damage reduce with range as this will nerf its almost unmatched ability at ranged combat.

Firerate: Pretty balanced could be nerfed but i think a damage nerf would suit this weapon more.

Ammo: One of the only drawbacks of this gun but in my opinion should be kept the same because 4 rounds is enough ot kill two people and 16 extra is more than enough if you hit most shots.

damage output: I think the current damage of 65 is too high and should either be reduced to nearer 50 (giving advantage to shield players) or should be made to only do 65 damage as a headshot and keep the bodyshot damage to the same as the new aoe of 30 as this will encourage more accurate use of the gun rather than in its current state only needing to hit one direct shot and one aoe damage

block damage: although the high explosive block damage makes it hard to hide behind walls if the damage gets nerfed I think that if the block damage is increase the gun will be used more like a utility weapon with the chance for accuracy to be rewarded for high damage and could maybe be used instead if the orberator in competitive because it ciuld also have high damage output and the ability to rocket jump.

Cost: although it is higher than most weapons at 9 it still can be used with most perks and secondary weapons which means that it isn’t much of a downside but can still be annoying so it should be kept the same.

finally although hitscan is still the current meta and most of those weapons are extremely effective with a clear line of site, the rocket rifle is one of the most annoying weapons to play against because at close range its two shot capability is incredibly hard to fight against (especially in close combat areas like the sewers in temple and the middle bit of crashed) to the point were some people think it should be nerfed or even banned from competitive and I’ve seen much more toxicity towards rocket rifle players than even extremely good railgun players. I think these nerfs will make the gun harder to use similar to the semi-auto plasma rifle nerf which will allow for the weapon to still be effective but harder to use. The only problem with this type of nerf is that it means that you can either make it easier to use but less effective and more like a utility weapon or make it harder to use and keep its current damage and making more like a main weapon. I did try to make it work as both but this may not be possible and my ideas are only as suggestions but I do strongly think that the rocket rifle should be changed. Please feel free to respond with any ideas : D