Reticle disappears at lower resolutions


Since I started playing this game I have been running a very low resolution(800x600) in order to sustain 60fps. Since the update this week, all reticles on 2x and 4x scopes have vanished at my desired resolution, and trying to use the tiny reticle on red dot results in no reticle as well. This issue does not seem to carry over to full resolution(my monitor is 4k), but my laptop (Razer Blade 16 with GTX1060, 16Gb ram, and i7) cant seem to run the game at even 1080p at 60fps, and so I need to use the lower resolution. Me being a sniper main this REALLY cripples my gameplay.

Suggested priority


Server & Time

Every server I have attempted on 2/25/2021

Steps to reproduce

! this is lmg with 2x at lower res^ This one is 4x at 4k res.^^^

Log file(s)

2-25-2021-1111AM.txt (2.5 KB)