Respawn Protection Bug


The respawn damage immunity period doesn’t appear to be working correctly. Sometimes I immediately take damage after spawning without any protection. As far as I can recall, this has been happening at least since I started playing (mid November).

Suggested priority


Server & Time

FREMONT-8-2 - 22/1/21 at around 19:50 GMT (same instance as the video)

Steps to reproduce

The clip is from immediately after joining a match, but it’s happened mid-match plenty of times as well.

I’ve never seen this happen to anyone else, & I’ve never noticed being able to damage someone after they’ve spawned.

Of all the times I’ve been shot at after spawning, I’d estimate this happens in around half of them.

Log file(s)

22-01-2021-1921.txt (2.2 KB) - same session as the video

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This was definitely a bug, I think I have fixed it since then but please let me know if it happens again