Resolution too low in fullscreen, changes when focus is on secondary monitor


The game is always noticeably low-res when in full screen.
Changing from maxed out window to fullscreen completely pixelates the font and shows dithering artifacts in alpha tests and generally more aliasing.
This behavior is sadly impossible to screenshot from the machine, as any attempt to create a screenshot hides the problem in the recorded image. The closest I could get was with Steam’s screenshot feature, but it outputs the result at the wrong resolution. I have included it as a clue.
To show off the messed up font rendering very roughly, I have taken a picture of the screen, too.

Resolution is fine when focus is on second (smaller) monitor:

When the game has focus and is in full screen, steam screenshots come out the wrong size(2048x1152):

Picture taken with camera to show off the borked font (only way to capture the problem, sorry):

Suggested priority


Server & Time

Menu 15:20 Saturday, 31 October 2020 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Steps to reproduce

1.) Have two (resolution mismatched?) screens
2) Put game in full screen via options or alt+enter
3.) Click in and out of the game

Log file(s)

31.10.2020-1605.txt (1.6 KB) 31.10.2020-1624.txt (1.2 KB)

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In the settings there is a resolution option, check is that is on maxed resolution.
Else, check you NVIDIA or AMD settings to check what resolution you are using.


Resolution setting is set to override and 2560x1440. The max it allows is 4k (for some reason, supersampling?).
None of those settings have any effect on my machine either.

All I notice when changing game resolution is the menu background flickering into and out of existence at different sizes, starting from bottom left. Only when moving the slider, too.

Ahh, I think Verc will patch this then.

Hey thanks for reporting this, is one of your monitors a high-DPI monitor, and the other standard?

Ah yes, very good catch!
The secondary 1080p runs at 100% scaling, the primary 1440p at 125%.

Now steam’s capture makes sense, since 1440 x (1 / 1.25) = 1152.

Disabling scaling/forcing scaling to be done by the application instead of windows circumvents the faulty behavior. A good workaround for now :slight_smile:

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Sweet, makes sense! I’ll add an option to choose which DPI resolution mode to use

@Pegarex are both your monitors 4K? Can you please check if Steam screenshots capture at strange resolutions?