Reference memory error (pls help fast)

Whenever i boot up my game it shows an error saying "The instructions at 0xexxxxx(it changes every time) referenced memory at 0xffffffff(also changes sometimes).the memory could not be read. Pls tell me how to fix this or fix this develpers i guess pls :slight_smile: no hate to developers(sorry for my bad english) Capture

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Hey, can you please let me know what version of Windows you’re running?

The game looks like it has started, so it’s not an EAC problem which is good.

How much RAM does your PC have? If it’s quite an old PC, go to this folder: C:/Users/YOUR_USERNAME/AppData/Roaming/vercidium and create an empty txt file called bareminimum.txt

Once you’ve done that, try starting the game up again.

If that still doesn’t work, please go to this folder: C:/Users/YOUR_USERNAME/AppData/Roaming/vercidium/log and send me all of the log files that are there :slight_smile:

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Hi again My version of windows is 7 ultimate and i have 6gb of ram which is above the maximum needed and yes its is quite an old PC but it is above system requirements.But now after the bareminimum thing you told me to do it stopped at this now after the sectors edge and vercidium logo, a super weird background down from here are the log files and i can only give you 5 log files as i am a new user so i gave you the latest 5 logs i had. i thought the game will work so i booted it up many time :stuck_out_tongue: Can you pls help me fast again btw i am glad that you responded so fast can you do that again :slight_smile:

1-29-2021-1137AM.txt (2.6 KB) 1-29-2021-1143AM.txt (6.3 KB) 1-29-2021-1155AM.txt (3.9 KB) 1-29-2021-1128AM.txt (2.5 KB) 1-29-2021-1133AM.txt (4.6 KB)

Please tell me something you have found out. I really want to play this game and am exited for it please help

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Hey, sorry for the late reply but I’ve updated the game a few times since January. Can you please let me know if the problem still happens?