Posting Guidelines

Posting Guidelines

Existing Issues

If you find a thread that’s similar to the issue you’re facing, please comment on that thread instead of creating a new one.


Be clear with your subject title:

  • Bad: “Rail gun crash”
  • Good: “Scoping with the Rail gun freezes on bare minimum mode”

Attach Evidence

A screenshot or video helps me massively, please attach them if you have any!

Attach Log Files

Log files are located in this folder:


If you need help finding this folder follow these steps:

  • Press Win+R Win+R on your keyboard and type %APPDATA%
  • Scroll down to the vercidium folder and open it
  • Open the log folder
  • Sort the folder descending by date
  • Upload the most recent 3 log files

Reproduction Steps

Please explain in detail the steps that lead to this problem occuring so that I can reproduce the problem easily on my machine.

Thank You

Thank you for reporting issues with the game and helping me fix them, this game is a massive community effort and we’re grateful for your help :slight_smile: