Perks resetted on top loadout when game reloads


when the game is reloaded perks are reset on the top saved loadout.
(didn’t really know what to include in this one if you need anymore info dm me)

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Steps to reproduce

  1. save a loadout of perk in the top slot
  2. close and reload game
  3. look at the loadout and see if it has any perks
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Just for a FYI, this will be fixed according to #changelog in v1.0.4

- Fixed upside down flag icons in the minimap
- Fixed crash when loading a map with an invalid texture name
- The subscribed map list can now be scrolled
- Landing Power can no longer kill dead people
- Fixed mods disappearing from loadouts
- Fixed personal health not updating sometimes
- The flag will no longer fall into oblivion when dropped outside the map boundary
- Fixed missing players on the scoreboard when joining from a party invite
- Fixed muzzle flash positions
- Combat Shotgun choke now resets correctly on death
- Fixed not being able to redeploy after capturing a zone in BRK
- Fixed single-block digging on custom maps
- Fixed auto-recoil-reset on single-shot weapons
- Fixed some errors that caused the game to freeze
- Scavenger and Extraction mods are now included in randomised Static loadouts
- Fixed incorrect bullet hit sounds on Crashed Freighter terrain