Patch release - v178.4.1


  • Networking improvements
  • New C4/disruptor animations
  • Screen resolution setting
  • Added ‘scope blur’ toggle for bare minimum mode
  • Many balancing alterations (e.g. Plasma Rifle now semi-auto)
  • Various bug fixes

Full changelog

  • Bloom no longer consumes characters
  • Disruptors no longer damage players after they die
  • Weapon RPM stats now show the correct values
  • Other player’s crouching/sprinting state is set correctly when joining a match
  • Fixed ghost single-shot firing after unholstering/melee/grenade throw
  • Fixed Combat Shotgun reload when spamming the reload key
  • Fixed selected structure changing when pressing the radial keybind in chat
  • Canister is now depleted to the correct amount when joining mid-way through a match
  • Explosions now occur when an Orb / Rocket Rifle / Grenade Launcher collides with a scanner
  • The stealth mod now affects slide volume


  • All weapon stats now display RPM rather than cooldown
  • Server networking cleanup and optimisations
  • Player hit registration, lag compensation and hitbox improvements
  • Improved hit registration with moving grenades, C4, disruptors and scanners


  • New C4 and Disruptor animations
  • Midi screen that shows blocks remaining and current mode (dig/single/structure)
  • Screen Resolution setting
  • Bare Minimum Outer Scope Blur setting


  • Assault RPM increased from 618 to 750
  • Assault damage reduced from 16 to 14
  • Assault TTK changed from 582ms to 560ms
  • Assault mag size increased from 28 to 30
  • Assault hipfire bloom increased by 25%


  • SMG RPM increased from 857 to 952
  • SMG damage reduced from 14 to 12.5
  • SMG TTK changed from 490ms to 441ms
  • SMG recoil reduced by 16%
  • SMG mag size increased from 30 to 36


  • LMG RPM increased from 800 to 909
  • LMG TTK changed from 675ms to 594ms
  • LMG recoil lowered by 4%
  • LMG block damage reduced from 10 to 8

Light Plasma:

  • Light Plasma RPM increased from 462 to 521
  • Light Plasma damage reduced from 25 to 20
  • Light Plasma block damage increased from 8 to 10
  • Light Plasma TTK changed from 390ms to 460ms
  • Light Plasma recoil increased by 15%

Plasma Rifle:

  • Plasma Rifle RPM increased from 279 to 324
  • Plasma Rifle damage reduced from 34 to 29
  • Plasma Rifle TTK changed from 430ms to 525ms
  • Plasma Rifle projectile speed increased by 10%
  • Plasma Rifle changed from automatic to semi-automatic


  • Plasma Pistol, Light Plasma and Plasma Rifle headshot multiplier increased from 1.5x to 2.0x
  • Full weapon DPM (Damage Per Minute) and TTK (Time To Kill) list can be found here: Weapon DPM and TTK
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Build v178.4.2 - Released 5:30pm 19/09/2020 AEST


  • Mode voting now works
  • Fixed having a million grenade icons in the arena
  • Fixed large weapon icons in the killfeed with higher UI scale
  • Fixed crosshair disappearing when pressing TAB while typing a chat message


  • Blue outline around your grenades in the bottom-left of the HUD if they are sticky grenades


  • Plasma Pistol damage lowered from 30 to 22
  • Light Plasma RPM reduced from 522 to 451