Orberator reload and knockback glitches


For reloading:
When attempting to reload, there is a random but common chance for it not to register. This only seems to occur on orberator to my knowledge.

For knockback:
All 6 orbs seem to be generating knockback, generating inconsistent orb jumping (and highly annoying, as well as OP) results.

Suggested priority


Server & Time

Any server, any time. More easily reproduceable with higher ping, and desync.

Steps to reproduce


  1. Use orberator in a normal match, 2 for most pronounced results.
  2. Fire at stuff and reload, especially while playing normally hitting lots of keys.
  3. It should appear. Elsewise test with inconsistent and higher desync, and ping.


  1. Use orberator with kinetic
  2. Orb jump.
  3. Repeat on servers with higher ping and desync.

Log file(s)

8-8-2021-843PM-7.txt (4.1 KB) 8-8-2021-745PM.txt (8.7 KB)

Both of these glitches still exist as of v1.3.8, with same causes.