openGL error

07-04-2021-0809.txt (3.1 MB) [07-04-2021-Description
[Description of issue]
can’t even load into game, says that there is an error 1 with openGL, one of my graphics drivers

Suggested priority


Server & Time

upon loading

Steps to reproduce

just trying to load into game

  1. First step
    loads up anticheat
  2. Another step
    error message appears

Log file(s)

Please attach a logfile from when this bug occurred.
[Win + R] to open run menu,
Type %appdata%/vercidium/log in the run box, run it,
Choose the correct/latest file - if unsure, attach the most recent 3 log files.

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Hey, can you please let me know which graphics card you have?

radeon RX 560 series

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I’m going to revert to previous drivers and see if that changes anything

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Hey this issue might be fixed now as v1.3.6 reduced the requirements for the game. Can you please update the game and let me know if it runs?