On Start Game Crash


When booting up the game, the game loads, says “Ready” and then crashes. Never had this issue until a couple days ago.

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Hey can you please follow the instructions at https://sectorsedge.com/support and send your log files here? I’ll have a look at what’s causing the crash

well i have the same issue and thats my log file 27-06-2021-1147.txt (2.9 KB)

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same here7-19-2021-1102AM-2.txt (1.9 KB)

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Thank you for your log files.

I released v1.3.7 yesterday which brings a whole bunch of engine and stability upgrades. Can you please let me know if the game starts up successfully now?

i noticed that when i try playing the game with my integrated graphics it starts up succesfully, but if i try to do that with my nvidia gpu it crashes. plz fix this

I have the same probleme… my gamecrash at game title : Sector’s Edge.
log file : 05-09-2021-2340-2.txt (2.4 KB) 05-09-2021-2340-0.txt (316 Bytes) 05-09-2021-2340.txt (445 Bytes)

is not changing the problem…