On revamping spawning system and related spawn things

(current spawn for reference)

1 make people spawn in waves instead of one by one

theres a common problem that the first player on a team to die will typically be followed by the deaths of their team, then will respawn first, run out and because the rest of their team is dead or behind them still rolling out, will get instantly 1hk’d by the entire enemy team at once and thus lock the match into a loss-spiral just from a single death. This is an easily solvable problem. reddit

Just respawn the team together in waves every X seconds where you get assigned to a wave thats at least Y seconds away

assuming current respawn timer is 7 seconds the waves could be something of every 9 seconds and you have to wait at least 6 and at most 14 seconds to spawn

note that taking twice as long to spawn would be rare and even then its better than spawning in alone and dying alone or having to wait for others to spawn


dewolf said he had no idea you can click anywhere on the rectangle and always just pressed 1 instead so its easy to assume its unclear for other players too

simple awkward fix: change the wording to something like ‘CLICK ANYWHERE TO RESPAWN OR PRESS [1] TO SPAWN IN CANISTER’ and put the text somewhere else so it doesnt cover the spawn area

better fix: change wording to ‘CLICK ANYWHERE OR PRESS A KEY TO RESPAWN’ and draw the number on the spawn rectangle itself to show where the key would spawn you (this also allows introducing more than one key for different spawns)
pressing the highlighted 1 spawns you like the current system but you can press 2 or 3 which arent highlighted (because no canister there)

3 make spawns instant

having to press 1 or click the moment you can spawn can lose you precious seconds and leaves no room for error

suggestion: if you press 1 (or 2 or 3) or click at any point during being dead but before your time is up it places a marker down that you and your teammates can see that shows where you are about to drop

(use model heads as icons idk)

apart from making you spawn instantly it helps nicely with seeing where your teammates spawn to coordinate with them

(not pressing 1 or clicking would result in it being instant like right now so you can still change your loadout of afk peacefully)

4 make it easier to spawn the furthest possible distance

as shown in the most recent pic theres a guy who decided to click 2 blocks behind everyone and hes going to be 2 blocks late to the fight

clicking near the top of the rectangle should push you to the very edge to account for small imprecise errors (clicking at the bottom of the rectangle makes no sense and nobody does that too actually)

5 prevent building in enemy spawns

prevent building in the enemy spawn zone that kills you

maybe even create a bigger zone that would first just prevent building with a text saying that youre too close to the enemy spawn to do so


game would benefit a lot from these changes
that’s all I have to say

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looks good to me

This is kinda long but this game has a go implement of spawn waves

looks very epic, @Vercidium definitely take a look at this.

Good ideas, you’d be a very good intern, lookin at you, @Vercidium.