People who were here before pengufiy, how did you hear about the game?



Verc’s Discord Status, through the COVID-19 giveaway server.

I do think that this was before pinguefy’s video, but I can’t remember exactly


yeah ok i definitely got to se before pinguefy’s video

lmao whos pinguefy

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don worry bout it

Guy called ByteBit sent “Somekind of new game coming up” and a link to the Steam Ace of Spades forum post about it, in the Build and Shoot #development channel on Discord, 7th January 2018.

The thread was since deleted from the looks of things.

I joined, gave feedback, was rather skeptical and probably irritating. Game was called VFPS initially (Voxel First Person Shooter) for the lack of a better name, which then became Marked (as the mode was a VIP mode)… then after a year long break starting mid-2018, it was then Sector’s Edge when it returned.

This was the initial map:

For some fun throwback, here’s Vercidium’s original thread, made a year prior to that in 2015/16 - https://steamcommunity.com/app/224540/discussions/0/523898291504038325/ - just asked about it on Discord and apparently that code was all scrapped and remade late 2017 before the thread I saw start of 2018, heh.


I friend showed me a teaser image for the game. At first, I wasn’t interested as I had recently started playing several other games. A couple of months later he mentioned it again, so I decided to take a look. I immediately became hooked and have loved the game ever since!

I was looking through a friend’s Instagram (Which happens very rarely eg. once every 2 months) and just randomly started flicking through the photos he was tagged in… one of those photos stuck out and it was Vercidium showcasing the game! Thought it looked cool so I searched it up… here we are :smiley:

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i found it through a twitter thread lmao, looked it up and won the giveaway :slight_smile:

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I found it on a KAG modding discord server. basically guys were using a 2d game engine to build Minecraft and other first person mods. The smart dudes there were referencing verc’s voxel work, but I just thought sector’s edge looked cool.

found it through pinguefy. got the game around may?

People who were here before pinguefy

i can’t read

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