Mercenaries - Sunday 13th Sept @ 6pm GMT

Time for another Mercenaries!

This time, instead of the staff picking sides, we’ll instead be picking captains and allowing players to draft their team from a pool instead.

Sign-ups can be done through Discord - just head to - find the #latest-schedule channel, and react to the most recent message with the Merc emoji as instructed there.

See you there!

P.S. For those of you who were interested in the previous event in this slot (Scrimmage) - we’ve decided to step back from this style of team-vs-team signup event for the time being. Main reasoning is that the community is still very young in terms of team formation, and so a team can sign up with the current top players and generally roll over any competition, making the event far less effective at its goal. We wanted Scrimmage to encourage team formation and practise, but it isn’t living up to that goal adequately enough, so we’re considering alternative options and ideas to fill this gap in another way. Stay tuned!

P.P.S. If you do have a team and want to face another team - we’d be more than happy to setup servers etc for you to use and do get in touch if so.