Looking For More Players To Join BIRB!

We are looking for more players to join BIRB and expand our teams. This will help us schedule internal scrims more often, allowing our members to practice and improve more, as well as allowing us to enter two teams for tournaments more often instead of one.

We are looking for players who actively play the game and interact with the community. It is also recommended that you have a decent amount of experience with the game (at least level 40), though that isn’t mandatory

Current Members
Although we do have multiple teams, there is a lot of crossover, so you will not be limited to a specific team, and can play for the other teams in BIRB

Super Squad [Aus/NA West]

  • Dolpenguin
  • Grant
  • Jason
  • Benj
  • Troi
  • Q’

Feather Division [EU/Na East]

  • Bartholomew
  • FluffieFoxBoi
  • TotallyPorff
  • Mkv
  • DeathByX

How To Apply
DM me (TotallyPorff) or Dolpenguin on Discord. From there we will discuss with BIRB members, and will let you know if your application is accepted.

You can also join the official BIRB Discord and contact us there: https://discord.gg/jXdqPPP

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