Log files regarding game shut downs


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Suggested priority

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Server & Time

Which in-game server it happened on, what date/time (in GMT, 24hr clock).
e.g. Amsterdam 1 - 19/06/2020 at 11:30 GMT

Steps to reproduce

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  1. First step
  2. Another step

Log file(s)

Please attach a logfile from when this bug occurred.
[Win + R] to open run menu,
Type %appdata%/vercidium/log in the run box, run it,
Choose the correct/latest file - if unsure, attach the most recent 3 log files.

10-04-2021-2047.txt (3.3 KB) 10-04-2021-1556.txt (2.3 KB) 11-04-2021-1242.txt (3.3 KB) 11-04-2021-1044.txt (3.4 KB) 11-04-2021-1036.txt (2.3 KB)