We hear ya, Linux is a big ol’ topic.

It’s something we wish to add as part of the initial release, but has multiple moving parts so we’re not making any firm promises!

Either way, use this topic to discuss the game’s Linux port/options etc.
Another topic transferred away from Discord into here.

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I might not be 100% certain, but how much work needs to go into making a linux port completely viable apart from in VS just switching the build to linux. I would get that you would have to replace all of the dlls with sos, like for example the discord game sdk, but given how the servers run .NET on linux, at the very least it should be somewhat simplistic. And how is linux being tested? On actual hardware or in a virtual machine? Has it even been attempted to been built once? A bunch of small questions like that I would like to see answered.

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What is the progress so far on the Linux port? Last I heard, the game window was presenting.

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Hey, I found your roadmap here and it says that Linux version is “Delayed due to anticheat”. Could you please elaborate? EAC supports Linux natively, so why would it be a problem? I’m just curious, that’s all. :slight_smile: I really want to play your game!

EAC does support Linux, however it’s a fair bit less secure than the kernel-level you get on Windows, which is a problem.

Vercidium still plans to get Linux able to run the game, but there may be caveats in order to preserve the game’s competitive integrity.

Thanks for the response! I really hope that you figure it out!

Have you guys considered switching to valve’s anti-cheat?

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Would it be possible to release a linux-only branch? For example, having one or two servers specifically dedicated towards linux users?

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