Launching game restarts my PC


I just downloaded the game and upon launching it restarts my PC. I have been able to get it past the initial loading screen after the launcher. I have ensured I have the EZ Anticheat installed, running as administrator from steam and directly from the .exe. Sometimes after the restart, the game appears uninstalled in steam, even though it is installed. I’ve also tried reinstalling the game multiple times and repairing the EZ Anti-cheat. All drivers and windows updates are up to date and I’ve ensured the .NET framework is installed.

Suggested priority

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Steps to reproduce

Launch the game, it restarts my pc.

Log file(s)

3-3-2021-1427.txt (1.5 KB)
3-3-2021-1419.txt (2.3 KB)
3-3-2021-1504.txt (1.8 KB) <-- my best attempt.
loader.txt (39.6 KB)
gamelauncher.txt (26.9 KB)

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Hey thanks for reporting this.

This is really strange, I haven’t heard of this before. Does it bluescreen?

What’s the last thing you see before it restarts? Is it the Sector’s Edge loading screen, or does it still show the EAC splash window?

What version of Windows are you running, and how much RAM does your PC have?

There’s been a stack of updates to the game since then, can you please let me know if the issue still happens?