Jump Height

(copied from #feedback because it got buried and ignored, and I think this is a more permanent solution)

hydraulics extra jump height (and in general normal jump height) feels a little off. I’ve been able to diagnose this, and this is why.

When jump height = block height, this indicates that a player must always hit their apex before getting ontop of the block. For one, this slows the gameplay down, feels janky and unnatural, etc. With hydraulics, it used to be +50% jump height, or 3 (normal jump height) * 1.5, which of course is 4.5. When this was the case, it was much easier to make jumps and be maneuverable.

Here’s a scenario of why i think this is an issue:
Someone is chasing you, and you’re trying to evade them. The terrain is very sketchy (exhibit a: railway map, once half destroyed). When you had hydraulics, it was relatively easy to maneuver around the really awkward terrain.

Now, even with hydraulics, you’d probably get stuck on literally every block you try to jump on that’s not 2 blocks tall, because you have a large delay between jumps due to the jump height being less, and they dont take you as far. In case this doesnt make sense, consider this:

In order to jump, you must apply force to the ground. The greater force, the higher acceleration, and therefore the higher you will go.

What I’m suggesting is to add 0.25-0.5 blocks to the base jump height. I think that would make jumping more smooth.
Take an example of another game doing this:
Instead of Minecraft having a jump height of 1 block, it has a jump height of 1.2522 blocks, because this helps with issues of people catching their feet on the ground when trying to do so.