Is Sector's Edge's gunplay missing juice?

now, what the hell does juice mean? In games it can mean many, many things

  1. Camera shake upon impacts
  2. Punchy UI that reacts and feels alive
  3. Impact and weight behind actions

Many negative reviews of the game right now mention “gunplay is boring” or “weapons are dull” along with their issues with recoil or matchmaking, but the gunplay and weapons are decent in my opinion - but they’re lacking juice. They feel like they lack the weight behind them, the sounds and feeling.

Mark Grigsby - animator on Modern Warfare 2019 - communicates this well in an interview where he talks about adding power and weight to their weapons with sound effects and camera movement to accompany firing and weapon reloading.

giving camera animation and particles to the firing and reloading of weapons, and sound effects could help improve gunplay, as it can help ground the weapon, and give the player a visceral response upon firing - the knockback, the way it kicks up, the smoke that comes out of the end as you rack a shell, or slot a bullet back in or shove in a canister can help make all the difference. Along with that little improvement is needed to animations - the only issue imo being that they feel a bit floaty and lacking impact and speed.

Another important video (to me at least) is one on The Art In Reload Animations where the design and animation of reloading is talked about and the satisfaction of a good reload is mentioned, and how it can enhance the guns of a game. Weight and timing, and how the weapon is handled can help sell the weight and power behind it. If you go to reload a double-barrel and the shells shoot out of it, with small puffs of steam accompanying it as you pull the barrel open, shove two new shells in and slide it back up you can feel that its a powerful weapon, its heavy to hold and has a lot of force behind it

Been playing the game since May and I feel like it is in the right spot: The reason people say “gunplay is boring” is because they ONLY focus on the gunplay.
Movement, Building, Rocket Jumping, Sliding and all these handy mechanics which haven’t been put to use too much by new players because they haven’t figured out all the new stuff or should I say, how to use it effectively
They can also use utility like C4 and Orb to make everything more destructive and Scanner to find enemies and get nice kills fast.

The Railgun was the most used weapon from Saturday. Players are too scared to learn the new recoil and that is why it SHOULD be as harsh as it is.
If Verc decreases recoil Sector’s Edge will literally be much less skill based. One of the reasons the recoil is “extreme” is because it is as simple as pulling down. Not to the left, not the the right. Straight down and players have to adapt to this.

Decreasing the recoil on all guns will make them too op and if you do decrease the recoil and the damage, guns such as the SMG wil be nerfed to the ground.
The reason the SMG is so good is because of its firerate and the “extreme” recoil makes it not as good as say the Railgun, Double Barrel combo pre-nerf in Beta.

I think Camera Shake will probably ruins the gunplay but some UI which feels alive could somehow be an option but I still don’t know they are going to implement that.

The gunplay and building / destruction is the main reason the game is so good. And nerfing the Recoil will decrease the skill ceiling to favour new players whilst the lads with more experience will be punished.

If Verc does want to favour new players: do it in a manor which isn’t nerfing the skill sealing of the guns but rather New Mechanics.

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been playing since around late 2018-early 2019, and yeah I know what you mean by people having to adapt to it n all, not commenting on the weapon stats.

When it comes to camera shake I’m thinking something like this if not more subtle to accompany things like reload or melee animations. Or camera shake from nearby explosions to add to the impact, and having all that as an option that can be disabled too

I’m more talking about the visual and audio enhancements that can be made to make gunplay more satisfying than it currently is, as that has probably been one of the reasons why people are saying its ‘boring’

Ahh, now I see.
My reply was more of a comment in the announcement on Discord about Verc possibly reducing recoil ngl. You do have a point.