Installed the game haven't done anything else - it fails after loading EAC I think


So I installed it and it loads easy-anti-cheat seemingly fine and then says can’t start the game and asks for permission to die (I mean closek, but I am in a bad mood)

Suggested priority

[Low / Medium / High]

Server & Time

Which in-game server it happened on, what date/time (in GMT, 24hr clock).
e.g. Amsterdam 1 - 19/06/2020 at 11:30 GMT

Steps to reproduce

As I said I install, I run, but it doesn’t feel like doing that.
My friend and I wanted to try the game and we did the same thing and hes playing atm and I am writing this so idk.

Log file(s)

16-04-2022-0007.txt (243 Bytes)

16-04-2022-0007.txt (243 Bytes)

BTW the same thing happens when I run either sector’s edge .exe file in the game folder as admin.

nvm I gues it just started working ??? I legit did nothing and went to bed and now it works.