I keep disconnecting from the servers


Every time I join a game I get a red connection symbol in the bottom left above my health and everyone is stuck in place on my screen. I can keep moving for a while before getting disconnected and kicked out of the lobby. I have tried all of the servers and I have the lowest ping as ~40ms so it is not a ping problem. I also have high speed internet and I’m using an ethernet cable. I experience no connectivity issues in any other game.

Suggested priority


Server & Time

Happened on all of the servers pretty much. I tried all of the different regions and I still got nothing.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Join a game

Log file(s)

Latest log file: 12-Mar-21-401PM.txt (2.4 KB)
I couldn’t upload the easy anti cheat logs because they have a .log format which is not supported when I upload it.

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Hey, that red icon is related to packet loss. I’ve just released a large update to the game, can you please let me know if the issue is still happening?

The game has received a few big networking updates in the past months, can you please let me know if the issue still happens?

I’ve also allowed *.log files to be uploaded to the forum now, thanks for letting me know.