Help! the game does not start

As soon as the game came out, I installed it, but I figured an Easy Anti-Cheat error but I looked for the error on youtube and found the solution, the game opened perfectly, then I uninstalled them, after a while I reinstalled it and it figured the same EAC error and I fixed it again, but when I opened it, the game did not start, no error or anything appeared, then I looked in the support of the page and it asked me to install net framework, then I installed it I reinstalled the game, I restarted my pc, but the error remained the same, so far I cannot find a solution and here I attach the last 3 log files. which, by the way, are empty, and yes, if I have run the game from sectoredge.exe but it keeps generating empty log files, please help!!!21-04-2021-1137.txt|attachment (72 Bytes) 21-04-2021-1137.txt (72 Bytes) 21-04-2021-1137.txt (72 Bytes)

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Hey by ‘support of the page’ do you mean the instructions at ? If not there’s a section there for startup errors.

Can you please send me your PC specs, Windows version and are you an administrator user?

Yes, I mean that website, if I saw the instructions and installed the net framework and it fixed the error that it closed without showing any message but now I have an error that it stays in the loading window but then closes.

The specifications of my pc are:
Processor: Intel ® Atom (2 cores)
Operating system (x64) 64 bits
Ram memory installed: 4.00 GB

Windows version: Windows 10 Version 20h2

I hope you can help me , please

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Hey I released v1.3.6 last night which lowered the requirements of the game. Can you please let me know if the game works now?

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