Having the game unfocused for too long causes it to Crash to Desktop


Unfocusing the game (alt+tab or otherwise changing Window’s focus to a different program) will cause the game to crash to desktop after a few minutes. I do not know yet if it’ll crash if you refocus it before then.

Suggested priority

Medium; annoying for multitaskers but avoidable if you make sure to decide to actually play the game when you boot it.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Boot game.

  2. Click out of it (unfocus it) while or after it starts.

  3. Do something else on another program without clicking back into the game.

My last test of this had it take almost exactly 7 minutes before crashing.

Log file

Not sure how useful this’ll be since the game technically boots up correctly but here it is:
2-24-2021-834PM.txt (1.8 KB)