Giving players special titles for getting high-level career tags first

The idea is quite simple. Reach out to players and ask them what they would like for a custom title after achieving a tag/major milestone first. For example, literally as of 5 minutes ago of writing this, I obtained the Plasma Pistol Master tag (which looks really cool btw):

This adventure took about 11 months, starting last year in October. I distinctly remember Dinator (AlphaLeaper) showing me about the Orb-Plasma pistol loadout. Yes, this was so long ago, there was just “hydraulics”, and “kinetic”. Pre-mod update :flushed:. Currently, I stand at 5988 kills, which I honestly never expected to achieve back then.

To think, after all of this effort of ranking up, the long haul as it were, for being the first to accomplish a grandiose task, people (at least myself), would love a concrete reward for that, of which is not be duplicated to other players (such as the tag “Plasma Pistol Mastery” itself).

Have a wonderful day, o7

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