Game stuck on a black screen


Whenever I launch the game it will load the anti cheat, and a pop-up will appear telling me the game has detected an integrated graphics card, suggesting to switch to a dedicated card. After that a glitched black screen will appear. I took a quick look to the log, and it appears it’s a graphics card related issue.

It’s an integrated graphics card (laptop, no chance to put a dedicated), an Intel HD 3000, that’s probably the reason. I’m running on Windows 10 and it’s the latest driver version. Perhaps the graphics card isn’t supported?

Edit: I think I figured it out. The game needs Opengl 3.3 to run; while the Intel HD 3000 only supports 3.1 on Windows. It’s not compatible.

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14-09-2021-843PM.txt (1.2 MB)

Sorry if my english isn’t good, it’s not my main languasge

Yeah it happens with me to

This always happens.
I want to play this game.