Game doesnt connect/load sometimes


When trying to join a server the game will bring up the connecting/loading screen but it wont have a progress bar at the bottom and will just sit there not working. This seems to crop up more often when trying to join a friend’s game. But it frequently shows up after playing on a server for a few maps (2-3 sometimes after just 1).

This bug can be fixed sometimes with a game restart or by hitting escape to cancel the connect/load and trying again, it usually works after a few tries.

The main issue with it is it makes it so I can not party up with my friend to play as i will have to disconnect and reconnect multiple times. Which negates or ends the party grouping so we end up on opposite teams more often then not.

Suggested priority

Its not completely game breaking as i can get the game to work eventually, just really annoying.

Server & Time

Has happened on every server i’ve played on (US and London servers mostly) And throughout the day.

Steps to reproduce

It just seems to crop up when i try to join a friend or after playing in a server for a few maps. Will get a screenshot next time it happens.

Log file(s)

1-25-2021-1238AM.txt (2.8 KB) 1-24-2021-803PM.txt (3.2 KB) 1-24-2021-314AM.txt (2.2 KB)

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This is pretty strange, if you leave it on the loading screen for a while what text does it show in the bottom left?

Determining Sector Coordinates. Although i haven’t had it happen since the last update. It seems to mostly pop up in regards to the party system in the game. I’ve mostly had it happen when im in a party with a friend or im trying to join them through the party system.

I also get this, it makes playing with friends very difficult. i often play with 1 or more people from the same address/local but only 1 person seems to be allowed in the loading/connection at a time, this has been the case since first install mid Jan(21).
We’ve had maybe 3or4 exception moments where more then one was able to connect but was unable to determine why it worked on those couple of occasions.
can confirm Spawning makes a difference on our end, the TeamPlayer2 is stuck on ‘determining sector coords’ (stage 1), untill TeamPlayer1 has spawned . The second Player1 is spawned in, Player2 is now able to try reconnecting to server and loads successfully, works for us like this everytime.

(also, tried the SteamParty system a few times to see if that helped but did not seem to make a difference)