Game doesnt allow me to play or interact with the environment


my ping automatically becomes 0 and I can’t really play, I couldn’t affect the environment. but when the ping goes back to being normal, it still is the same.

Suggested priority

high(at least for me)

Server & Time

DE-FRANKFURT-5-4-SALVAGE-01/11/2020 at 9:31 GMT

Steps to reproduce

(I’m assuming to reproduce the bug?)

  1. just playing the game
  2. also playing the game?

Log file(s)

01-Nov-20-120PM.txt (2.6 KB) 01-Nov-20-1024AM.txt (3.9 KB) 8-13-2020-117PM.txt (1.7 KB)


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Hey, looking at the video it looks like you completely lost connection as players weren’t moving around. Has this only happened on the Frankfurt servers?

it happens on other servers as well with pings above 140ish