Game does not work


When I run it ; it won’t respond on loading…

Suggested priority


Log file(s)

16-02-2021-0823ب.ظ.txt (1.2 KB) 16-02-2021-0904ب.ظ.txt (1.6 KB) 16-02-2021-0916ب.ظ.txt (662 Bytes) 17-02-2021-1028ب.ظ.txt (3.0 KB)

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Hey, things appear to work in those first two log files, the game crashed on startup in the third log file (this is a known issue, after each patch the game fails the first time and then will work after that. It happens to me too, it’s on my list).

In the fourth log file the game failed to run as Steam wasn’t running. Can you please ensure Steam is running and you are in online mode, then run the game again?

Loading resources when the game starts can take a couple minutes, please try letting it run for a few minutes without clicking inside the window and let me know how it goes :slight_smile: