Game crashing at start [Fixed]


Hi, I would like to play the game but every time I launch the game I only have time to see “Vercidium” after the loading, i can hear a few seconds of music, and then my game crashes …

Suggested priority

Medium (but i can’t play, so to me its high :confused: )

Steps to reproduce

Launch the game on steam

Log file(s)

04-10-2021-2247.txt (317 Bytes) 04-10-2021-2247-9.txt (2.4 KB)

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Hey thanks for letting me know, can I ask what your PC specs are?

You can also enable a compatibility mode by creating an empty bareminimum.txt file in the C:/Users/HUGO/AppData/roaming/vercidium folder, then restarting the game.

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Hi, i have an nvidia GTX 1060 6gb, an i5-8300h 2.3ghz, 16gb of ram, and the last version of windows 10.
I’m not at home right now so i would try what you told me later but thank you anyway.

So i’ve just tried to create the bareminimum.txt file, and my game is still crashing every time i try to launch it
04-10-2021-2247.txt (317 Bytes) 05-10-2021-1854-7.txt (2.3 KB)

Ok i’ve find the solution, i’ve updated the drivers of the graphic card, open the nvidia control pannel, and told it to play to sector edge with my 1060, now everything seems to be working well