Game crashes at startup


Game crashes after loading in the two cases , if i run it from steam or directly

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27-06-2021-1147.txt (2.9 KB) Log file(s)

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Hey thanks for reporting this, I’ve checked the log files and it’s crashing from an out of memory exception.

I think the way the game loads resources on startup is too intensive for your machine with 3GB RAM available. In the next update (v1.3.6b) I’ll adjust the way the game starts up on low-RAM machines.

Just to confirm, did a message box appear that said Sector's Edge ran out of memory on startup. A compatibility mode has been enabled, please try starting the game again.?

yes exactly

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but the game was starting normanly yesterday and i have 4 gb of ram not 3

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Hmm in that case make sure all other programs are closed and give it another couple tries. Let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

Well , all other programs where closed and nothing is working in background
Btw , i just modified some things in my registery and it solved the problem so thanks annyway

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Oh nice! No worries :slight_smile: