Friends, party system

I have a few question about play together with friends.
First, if i invited my friend to party and i go for a quick match, there is no button for my friend to join next to me. I think when the party leader start a match, the party members will automatically joins too, will this change happens into the game?
Second, If i play with my friend we usually need to wait 6-8 minutes for the perfect “join” to be at the same team. Will there any option to change team, if we wanna play togehter, or when we are in party the game just drop us into the same team?
If non of these won’t happen in the future, its not a big problem i just asking.

If the party leader joins a game, the rest of the party should get a notification in that right hand side party area saying that you’re in a game and prompts you to click a button underneath to join them.

There’s been feedback about auto-joining and even just better notifications/audio cues about party joins which I imagine Vercidium will investigate once he has time to do so.

Regarding being on the same team - right now the party limit of 4 and being placed on random teams is mainly to prevent team stacking. It has been a common piece of feedback though. In the future there will also be custom/private games, which will allow more freedom in what is played/with who.

thank you very much for the answer! :slight_smile: