Forums are released!

Welcome everyone to the forums, ran on Discourse.
Long are the days since PHPBB and the forums of old - Discourse is pretty modern and slick!

We’ve had this brewing for quite some time now; was an idea about a year ago but we ended up sitting on it for the time being - but with the recent influx of interest and of players, we felt like have a slightly more static and controlled community resource would be great both for you guys, and for us when it comes to tracking conversations!

The main part of implementing these forums is to enable better bug reporting and discussion on new/existing features.

The Bug Reporting category will now become the main hope for bug reporting - you’ll see that we have tags we can assign to your posts, and each topic created has a preset template for you to fill out as best you can, with images/videos/log files etc. This makes our jobs of keeping things organised and in one place so much easier! More information, potentially from multiple sources, will make fixing these bugs just that bit easier.

We also used to have a wiki hosted on some free external hosting, but it grew outdated. We’ve added in the Wiki category (and its subcategories). Discourse allows for wiki-style “open editing” of topics - enabled by default in that category. New topics must be moderator approved, but please feel free to add to/improve the various pages we have started already.

Lastly, we’ll be archiving/shuffling the Discord a little bit, to move some channels into topics/categories here instead.

  • #linux and #engine will be archived and Linux become a topic on the forums; engine chatter can be part of regular threads (have added an entry to the FAQ though)
  • #bug-reporting will be renamed “support”, and new triggers for instructing how to file a bug report on the forums
  • #idea-discussion will be renamed “game-discussion”, but also point people to the forums for more long-form idea suggesting
  • #bug-list and #idea-list will become readonly/archived - while the issues on here aren’t on the forums, we do have them in our external bug tracking software
  • #galaxyspam moved to a topic on the forums
  • #faq will still exist, but instead link people to THE BOFAQ (Big Ol’ Frequently Asked Questions) topic

Hope everyone enjoys this new space!


thank you Grandy, very cool