Fixing the core issue with this game

In the game, I’m sure you’ve noticed that every single block on the map is fully destroyable. And while it offers a huge skill level and incredible fun, this system has some… issues. First off, spawns are now easy targets since players can open line of sights right into them and leave he defenders… defenseless. Secondly, campers can have a jolly good time setting up, and they never have to be in the same spot since they can remodel their base camp after every kill to make themselves impossible to assault. And lastly, good map design and having proper lanes is now out of the window. So what can we do to fix this?

Well, one option I propose is to have some form of indestructible blocks, mainly around spawn areas and strongholds (referring to my earlier post mentioning strongholds where players would count 1.5x towards the cap) and these could also have indestructible cover sprinkled around to add some elements of map design. But by and large I think if these are implemented they should be quarantined to the spawn areas (again, mostly in breakthrough, since this is the game mode I main).

A second option would b regenerations blocks: some terrain blocks (or all) would regenerate over time after being destroyed if no one is around for awhile, first starting a transparent ghost then becoming solid again. This could be complemented with a sapper mod that would allow you to destroy blocks forever (which could also be countered by the builder mod which would make blocks regenerate as well as have more health (or add in a co lately new mod for that)
I personally really like this system as it would allow for map design to have some significance while not altering the fundamental gameplay loop - only the consequential issues it produces.
But anyways, let me know what you think.